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As the President tries to undo Obama-era policies, progressive lawyers are seeking national injunctions
As the Trump administration seeks to obliterate Obama-era policies, progressive lawyers are racing to court asking for an extreme form of relief, urging judges to reach deep into their judicial tool kits and issue national -- even global -- injunctions.

CNN poll: Trump's approval rating holds steady
President Donald Trump's approval rating holds steady in a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS, but that overall stability belies declining views on how things are going in the country today.
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Actually, Trump is raising health insurance premiums
President Trump and congressional Republicans have long vowed to lower health insurance premiums.
Madame Tussauds suffers from London terror attacks
Can Peppa Pig save the owner of Madame Tussauds?
It's time to embrace the exclamation point (!)
Humans say a lot without words.
Google drones will drop burritos into people's yards in Australia
Drones bearing piping hot burritos are about to start swooping down on the Australian countryside.
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Tickling is perhaps one of the most common human behaviors known, and many of history's greatest thinkers have tried to explain it. Charles Darwin, for example, noticed that a person cannot tickle himself, and scientists have observed that ticklish spots are found in the same places as protective reflexes. These observations suggest that ticklishness confers an evolutionary advantage by encouraging individuals to reflexively protect themselves. Are animals ticklish? Discuss
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